Detached ADUs

Replace an old garage or shed with a viable living space, or leverage your extra space to build a new accessory structure — increasing your property value and helping speed your path to financial freedom.

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Have excess space on your property and looking for a reliable means of generating additional income?

A detached ADU could be your ticket to freedom.

We’ve helped a number of homeowners capitalize on unused land, and we’d love for you to be next!

Most frequently, detached ADUs are located in homeowners’ backyards, which is why you often see them referred to as “backyard ADUs.” The functional difference in terms of building this type of ADU versus attached variations is, aside from being stand-alone constructions, they also come with a few differences in permitting and building ordinances.

Luckily, we’re more than familiar with the process, and our turnkey service ensures that you don’t have to worry about any of the legal nuances and instead can focus on making sure we design the perfectly personalized detached ADU for you!

Dedicated to Transparency and a Stress-Free Experience

At ADU Design & Build, we know building a detached ADU can be overwhelming for the homeowner. Our goal is to maintain an open channel of communication with you about our work so you feel comfortable, confident, and in control of your in-progress ADU!

Throughout our planning, designing, and building process, we will be transparent with you about the expected costs and timelines associated with your build. Further, we use collaborative construction software that informs you about our progress, build schedule, and cost summaries, and also provides instant access to up-to-date photos of your build’s current state!

If you’re considering adding a detached ADU to your property, our team would love to conduct a FREE site assessment to determine the feasibility, placement options, and estimated cost for your design and build.

Please reach out to us via our contact page to book an initial virtual appointment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We love that you’re considering our premier design & build process to make your dream ADU a reality.

Whether you’re looking to generate additional passive income, create multigenerational housing for your loved ones, or add more valuable living space to your property for yourself and/or visitors, we can’t wait to hear from you.

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